Korean Society of Medical Physics. Japan Society of Medical Physics. In conjunction with The 62nd Scienfitic Meeting of KSMP and The 122nd Scientific Meeting of JSMP. The 9th Korea-Japan Joint Meeting on Medical Physics. 2021 9.9 - 9.10 (THU ~ FRI) Virtual Meeting. Theme: Create the Futrue of Medical Physics Together.
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KSMP Secretariat

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Scientific Program

Day 1 (Sep. 9, 2021)
Opening Ceremony ALL
09:00-09:10 Welcome Address Se Byeong Lee
Co-President of KJMP
Congratulatory Remarks Byungchul Cho
President of KSMP
Shigekazu Fukuda
Co-President of KJMP, President of JSMP
Keynote Session : Create the Future of Medical Physics Together (40mins Presentation/5mins Q&A) ALL
Byungchul Cho
Asan Medical Centerl
Shigekazu Fukuda
National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
09:10-09:55 AAPM's vision for global collaborations Saiful Huq
Ex-President of American Association of Physicists in Medicine
09:55-10:40 Medical Physics education and profession in AFOMP region -
need for greater international cooperation and way forward
Arun Chougule
President of Asia-Oceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics
10:40-10:50 Break
Symposium 1: AI and Human Together (25mins Presentations/5mins Q&A) ALL
Sang Hyoun Choi
Taiki Magome
Komazawa University
10:50-11:20 Continuous CT Denoising and Kernel Conversion using Switchable CycleGAN Jong-Chul Ye
11:20-11:50 AI driven applications in medical physics Junichi Kotoku
Teikyo University
11:50-12:20 Deep Learning Enabled Ultra-low-dose CT Imaging and Healthcare Innovation Jonghyo Kim
Seoul National Univeresity
Industrial Talk 1 (HDX) Channel A
Kim yong hwi
HDX company
12:20-13:20 Artificial Intelligence for Safer, Faster Radiotherapy John Sage
Mirada Medical
Industrial Talk 2 (Raysearch Lab) Channel B
Jinsung Kim
Yonsei University
12:20-13:20 RayStation and RayCare- Release update 2021 Erik Traneus
Raysearch Lab.
Clinical Introduction of RayStation for Carbon Ion Therapy at Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine Takayuki Kanai
Yamagata University
Industrial Talk 3 (DK Medical Solution) Channel C
Juhyun Lee
DK Medical Solution
12:20-13:20 Sumitomo Heavy Industries' Experience in Korea and the Future of Particle Therapy Systems Kenzo Sasai
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
13:20-14:00 Virtual Vendor Booth Visit
Oral Session 1: Multi-disciplinary Track (7mins Presentations/2mins Q&A) Channel A
Hosang Jeon
Busan University Hospital
Naoki Hayashi
Fujita Health University
14:00-14:09 Effect of couch rotation on positional errors at off-isocenter positions Takahisa Kido
Kyoto University
14:09-14:18 To investigate the simulated IMRT error detection ability of Dosiomics, SSIM index, and Gamma index Han-Back Shin
Yonsei University
14:18-14:27 Evaluation of the usefulness of a synchronous current comparison method in high energy electron beams Sadahiro Seno
Nagoya University Hospital
14:27-14:36 3D star shot analysis using the spherical PREASGE gel dosimeter Jeong Ho Kim
Seoul National University Hospital
14:36-14:45 Influence of track structure and condensed history physics models of Geant4 to nanoscale ion transport in liquid water Tomoya Ueki
Chiba University
14:45-14:54 Imaging Dose for Patient Positioning on Conventional LINAC and Halcyon Based on Clinical Cases Hyun Cheol Lee
Asan Medical Center
14:54-15:03 The impact of flattening filter on the output correction factor of microDiamond detector in small fields Yu Arai
Komazawa University
15:03-15:12 Experimental Investigation Of The Effective Point Of Measurement Of Plane-Parallel Ionization Chambers In Clinical High-Energy Electron Beams Kohki Yasui
Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer
15:12-15:21 Analysis of plan parameters affecting the delivery quality assurance passing rate of the Tomo direct method in Radixact X9 Taegeon Oh
The Catholic University
15:30-15:40 Break
Oral Session 2: Therapy Track (7mins Presentations/2mins Q&A) Channel B
Jeongmin Seo
Catholic University of Pusan
Toru Kojima
Saitama Cancer Center
14:00-14:09 Deformed Dose Restoration for Online Adaptation of Inter-fractional Anatomical Changes in Proton Therapy Koichi Miyazaki
Hokkaido University
14:09-14:18 A study on Redefining the Use Factor Considering the Latest Radiotherapy Techniques Seung Hyeop Baek
Yonsei University
14:18-14:27 Dosimetric Potential of RapidPlan Model Trained with HyperArc Plans for Brain Metastases Tomohiro Sagawa
Osaka International Cancer Institute
14:27-14:36 The alternating electric field generated by uninsulated electrodes inhibits the proliferation of glioblastoma cells Yunhui Jo
Korea University
14:36-14:45 Evaluation The Validity Of Skin Clinical Doses In Carbon Ion Radiotherapy Based On Biological Indicators Mayu Nakata
Kouseikai Takai Hospital
14:45-14:54 Monte Carlo dose calculation on dual-layered spectral CT of abdomen cancer patients for carbon ion therapy Euntaek Yoon
Seoul National University
14:54-15:03 Dosimetric Characteristics of a Thin Bolus with Real Time Variable Shape Tungsten Rubber for Photon Beam Katsuya Okuhata
Kindai University
15:03-15:12 Optimization of Prompt Gamma and Positron Emission Tomography (PG-PET) System for Beam Range Verification in Carbon-ion Therapy: a Monte Carlo Study Bo-WiCheon
Yonsei University
15:12-15:21 The influence of irradiation method and detector size on field size effect in carbon ion beam Narumi Katsuki
Gunma University
15:21-15:30 Feasibility study of flexible thin film solar cell-based real-time in vivo dosimetry system for 3D-CRT Seonghoon Jeong
National Cancer Center, Korea
YIA Competition 1 (7mins Presentations/2mins Q&A) Channel C
Wonmo Sung
The Catholic University
Taiki Magome
Komazawa University
14:00-14:09 Development of machine learning-based radiation pneumonitis prediction model with combination of conventional, functional dosimetric parameters and clinical factors in NSCLC patients Mouri Shiina
Tohoku University
14:09-14:18 Approach to Radiosensitive-related Gene Group Investigation Based on Gene Expression Visualization Euidam Kim
Hanyang University
14:18-14:27 Comparing estimated liver elasticity of the finite element method and magnetic resonance elastography in the assessment of the distribution of liver fibrosis Koya Fujimoto
Yamaguchi University
14:27-14:36 Feasibility of the methods and system for optimizing electrode array structure in tumor treating field therapy Geon Oh
Korea University
14:36-14:45 Evaluation of Filtered Back-projection Methods in Compton Camera Hiroto Yamazaki
Gunma University
14:45-14:54 Analysis of Deep Neural Network Performance Enhancement via Radiomic and Deep Feature Extraction Seoyoung Lee
14:54-15:03 Development And Validation Of An Analytical Source Model For Kilovoltage Cone-beam Computed Tomography Kyohei Fujii
Komazawa University
15:03-15:12 Development of Real-time Dose Calculation System for Interventional Radiologist Haegin Han
Hanyang University
15:12-15:21 Radial profile evaluation using GAFCHROMIC film and Lie derivative method Yusuke Anetai
Kansai Medical University
Symposium 2: X-ray and Particle Together (25mins Presentations/5mins Q&A) ALL
Haksoo Kim
National Cancer Center Korea
Hideyuki Mizuno
National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
15:40-16:10 Clinical experiences in photon and proton therapies Heechul Park
Sungkyunkwan University
16:10-16:40 Charged-particle therapy with multiple ion beams Taku Inaniwa
National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
16:40-17:10 Medical physicist's roles in multi-beam therapy era Jinsung Kim
Yonsei University